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PowerBI for Data-Driven Decision Making

What is happening? 
PowerBI is a business intelligence (BI) solution that lets you visualize data and share insights across your organization. It allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with easy to view live dashboards and reports. With PowerBI you can create amazing data experiences by connecting to hundreds of data sources with easy to view live dashboards and reports.

How do I access PowerBI? 
To access PowerBI, log into Office 365 through (or through myWings). 

  1. Select the waffle icon in the upper lefthand corner 
  2. Select the PowerBI icon in the Apps menu or all apps 

powerBI app layout
What is the benefit of using PowerBI? 
PowerBI has an ever-growing set of tools that enables individuals to provide real, compelling and actionable insights from data, via dashboard-style reports. Just a few of the benefits of PowerBI include smooth integration with existing applications, personalized user-friendly dashboards and no memory or speed constraints.

Where can I learn more about Microsoft PowerBI? 
Visit the Microsoft PowerBI support page for more information.

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