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How to access your I:Drive on a Mac?

The I: Drive is your Individual drive. Files saved here may only be viewed by you. You may store 350 MBs of files on your I: Drive


Click "Go" on your Mac desktop and select "Connect to Server."


 dropdown menu Go on a Mac



Type in what you see below in the "Server Address" box. Type your number after the forward slash followed by "$"


 Server Window with an arrow pointed at connect



Click the "System Preferences" icon on your desktop. Then, click "Users & Groups"  This next step will make I:Drive permanent on your desktop for easy access. 


 System pref screen on a Mac



Click "Login Items:" Then, follow the red arrow by dragging the desktop icon for the I: Drive from the desktop to the pop up box. This ensures that you will always have access to your I: Drive on your desktop. 


 dragging to login items - text above