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Information Technology Services

Temporary Block for Network Traffic to and from Russia

What is happening?
Out of an abundance of caution, the UNF IT Security team has decided to enact a temporary block of all network traffic coming from or going to Russian networks.

Why has this decision been made?
There have been increased threats of cyberattacks from Russian forces, based on the latest information from numerous sources, including the FBI, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Intelligence Agency (CISA, DHS), and other intelligence organizations.

Who is impacted?
Any faculty, staff or student using the UNF campus wired, or wireless network looking to connect to these areas.

How long will this impact last?
This block will be in place for the next several days until such time as the situation stabilizes and the threat environment improves. UNF ITS will continue to monitor the situation and communicate changes as necessary. Please remain extra vigilant against potential cyber threats during this time.