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E-mailing Class Lists Using any E-mail Client:

  1. Using any e-mail software such as Outlook, Web Access, etc. create a new e-mail
  2. In the To field type your class information like this:




    This is the Course name then an underscore then the Course Reference Number followed by


    (Example -


  4. Give the e-mail an appropriate subject line (helps to include the course name)
  5. After typing the content, send the e-mail


  • To send to multiple classes, type in one class using the format above, then type a semi colon (or comma, depending on what punctuation your e-mail client uses) and then the next class. (;
  • If you do not want your students to be able to reply to the whole class, put the class list name(s) in the Bcc field instead of the To field.
  • The class lists are updated each morning at 5 a.m.
  • When you send the same e-mail to more than one class list of which you are a member, Outlook only sends you one copy of the e-mail. If you want to see if each group (class list) is receiving the e-mail, you would need to e-mail each class in a separate message.
  • If your course name has a 'C' or an 'L' in its name, your class lists will have it too.