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Tuition Scholarship Program

The Tuition Scholarship Program offers a benefit to University employees by providing assistance to spouse and dependent children of eligible employees who are seeking a college education at the undergraduate or graduate level, by reducing the financial burden for family members.

UNF Administrative Applications Menu


Tuition Scholarship Program Request Form

This Self Service Form is used by an employee who is requesting a tuition waiver of 3 credits for their dependent. The form asks the employee to rank the course(s) for which they would like the student to receive the Tuition Scholarship benefit. Although all courses may be ranked, the maximum number of credit hours waived is 3 credits per eligible employee associated with the student.


Therefore, a student who is associated with two eligible employee can get a waiver for 6 credits.


If the employee has two associated students at UNF, only one student can obtain the 3 credit waiver. This data is passed to Financial Systems for the creation of contracts.


Intended Audience/Users: Employees requesting the Tuition Scholarship for their eligible dependent