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Release from Suspension

The user enters a student’s UNF ID and completes the Release from Suspension request.


Intended Audience/Users: College Advisors/College Designee



Release from Suspension List

All Release from Suspension Requests appear on the Release from Suspension List. The list changes based on the parameters selected.   The Student ID is a hyperlink that displays details about the student's Release from Suspension Request.  Depending on the user's access, the user will be able to either view the request or will be able to approve or deny the request.  Only Enrollment Services Processing has the ability to approve or deny a request.


Intended Audience/Users: College Advisors/College Designee and Enrollment Services Processing



Suspension Control Dates  

The registrar controls the departments’ access to the Suspension Processing administrative application by limiting the timeframe for suspension processing. The registrar will select a term, begin date, end date, and indicate if the term is active. 


Intended Audience/Users:  Registrar/Enrollment Services



Suspension Processing   

The Suspension process allows the college departments across the campus to access students by term, department, level and current academic status (probation or eligible to suspension) for the purpose of determining a new academic status for these students.


Upon selecting a student who is currently  “Eligible to Suspend”, the process will transfer to a detail screen showing the student’s id, name, program, major, degree, GPA, credit hours and registration for the term. On this screen there will be three buttons: “Continue Probation”, “Suspend” or “No Action”, to change the student’s academic status.  The screen will also have an area for notes where there can be documentation to support the new academic status.


The student’s academic status will not be changed in Banner until the registrar “closes” the suspension processing process and Banner job WSF5430 is run. 


Intended Audience/Users:  College/Departments



Suspension Security Control  

The Suspension Security Control process allows enrollment services the ability to grant access to the Suspension process for employees in the college departments.  The employees will be granted security to access students within a college and will have one of three security classes: 

  1. Query – view only access
  2. Update Notes – only able to enter notes
  3. Update Status & Notes – can change academic status and notes

Intended Audience/Users:  Registrar/Enrollment Services