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Summer Financial Aid

UNF Administrative Applications 

Financial Aid Summer Review

The purpose of the form is to list the Summer Financial Aid Requests by term by processing status allowing the requests to be worked on by financial aid coordinators. The processing statuses are pending, satisfied or under review. From the browse screen a specific student can be selected by double clicking the N number. The coordinator will then be transferred to a form which details the student’s summer request information.  If the Summer Request has a requirement that is in “pending” status, the coordinator can place the request “under review” and work on the request until the requirement can be satisfied on RRAAREQ.


Intended Audience/Users:  Enrollment Services personnel



Summer Aid Worksheet


The Summer Aid Worksheet is used by the financial aid department to display and calculate a Summer Financial Aid package for a student who is changing their budget period from Fall/Spring to Fall/Spring/Summer.  The worksheet would be accessed by the coordinator by entering a student’s N number. Based on the N number, the form would be populated with the student’s Yearly Budget, Summer Budget, Budget Group, Budget Period, Resource Amount, Grade, Level, Ind/Dep, and Enrolled hours for Fall and Spring .   If the student has received Pell or other Loans at another institution during the year, those amounts will be manually entered on the form. The coordinator will manually enter the student’s previous EFC in order to calculate the Summer EFC.  


The Remaining Eligibility, Running Totals and Totals sections of the screen are protected fields that will be calculated based on amounts entered on RPAAWRD.  The coordinator will adjust award amounts on RPAAWRD to determine final awards based on the calculated fields on the Summer Worksheet.


The following fields on the Summer Worksheet represent the following:








Intended Audience/Users:  Financial Aid Staff



Financial Aid Loan Limits


The purpose of the form is to update an Oracle table with the loan limits amounts for students based on their year in college and their parental dependency for a specific aid year. The amounts are determined by NSLDS. This loan table will then be used in other financial aid programs as needed. 


Intended Audience/Users:  Financial Aid Staff




Summer Financial Aid Request by ID

The purpose of this form is to list Summer Financial Aid Request data for an individual student by N number for a specific term. This form will be mostly used by the One-Stop staff for questions concerning an individual Summer Financial Aid Request.


Intended Audience/Users:  One-Stop personnel


Student Services Menu 

Summer Financial Aid Request Form

This Financial Aid Self Service form is used by students requesting financial aid during the summer term. The first page of the form is informational showing what is needed for the student to apply for financial aid. The first page contains the loan limits based on the students' year in college. The page also contains information on fee payment and the disbursement of funds. The student must acknowledge that they have read and understood the requirements set forth in the Financial Aid Summer Request Form by clicking a “yes” button before they can continue with the application.


On the second page of the Summer Financial Aid Request, the student must enter the number of credits they plan to take at UNF and other schools, their year in college and anticipated graduation date.  Based on this information UNF will evaluate their eligibility for grants and need-based aid. The student can also request Federal Work Study and loans. The student can request a specific dollar amount for a loan or they can request the maximum loan allowed for their year in college. The form tells student that if they request a Graduate Plus Loan, they are allowing the U.S. Department of Education to obtain their credit record. The form also informs students that they will be responsible for the repayment of the loan. At the bottom of the form, the student will be asked if they attended another institution besides UNF during the current year. This information will determine the students’ loan eligibility.


When the student presses the submit button, they will be given the opportunity to review their choices and make changes. When the student is satisfied with the entered information they will press a “Final Submit” button. 


After the “Final Submit”, the following requirements are created and can be viewed on RRAAREQ:

  1. FASFA (if the requirement doesn’t exist) with ‘R’ in tracking status code
  2. SUMAPP - Summer Financial Aid Request Form with ‘P’ in tracking status code
  3. DLPLAD - Direct Loan Parent PLUS Application with ‘R’ in tracking status (if a Parent Plus loan is requested) 

Intended Audience/Users:  Student requesting summer financial aid