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Parent Portal

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA), the University of North Florida is restricted in releasing student information without the consent of the student. The Parent Portal system provides an option to allow authorized access to student information for parents, guardians or third parties.


The system provides students with the ability to identify their parents or guardians and to control the level of access they wish their parents to have to various portions of their student record. If a parent does not already have a UNF account, the student can use the system to generate an invitation. The parent can then use this invitation to create an account.

Parent Portal Menu

Academic Standing History

A term-by-term listing of a student’s primary program and end-of-term status such as Dean’s List, Good Standing, Probation, and so forth.


Account Information

A term-by-term listing of a student’s charges, payments, and account balances.


Demographic Information

The student’s UNF ID, residency status, mailing addresses, email addresses, and emergency contacts.


Financial Aid

A breakdown of the student’s financial aid awards including the Needs Calculation, Cost of Attendance, housing status, enrollment status, and loan information. The status of the student’s tracking requirements is also available.


Registration Holds and Appointments

A listing of any registration holds the student may have and the student’s next registration appointment.


Student Schedule

The student’s recent and future course schedules displaying the courses, titles, hours, meeting dates and times, locations, and primary instructors.


Student Transcript

The student’s transcript with a term-by-term listing of courses, grades, and GPA’s, and degrees awarded.


Tax Notification (1098T)

A representation of the student’s IRS Tuition Statement form 1098T with links on the reported amounts to review the associated detail.


Term Grades

A listing of the student’s schedule for a term and the associated grades earned.


View and Pay Bills

The student’s Statement of Account with links to pay on the account by credit card or check.


Your Profile

The parent’s profile displaying demographic information of the parent such as mailing addresses and email addresses. In addition, a listing of the parent’s children is shown with indicators depicting the access levels each child has given the parent along with the date of the student’s last update and the expiration date.


Intended Audience/Users for all of the above:  Parents, Guardians


Student Services Menu

Parent Access

Students have the option to allow authorized access to their student information for parents, guardians or third parties. This program allows the students to maintain their parents access levels.


A listing of the student’s parents is shown with the current status of access they have given each parent.  The last update date is shown and the expiration date for the declaration. Students must update their parents’ access each calendar year. Students may grant access to the following types of information: Demographic Information, Academic Records, Registration, Financial Account, and Financial Aid.


Demographic Information

  • Student's UNF ID
  • Residency Information
  • Current Addresses and Phone numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Emergency Contacts

Academic Records

  • Academic Transcript
  • Term by term list of your Academic Standing
  • Term Grades


  • Registration Appointment
  • Registration Holds
  • Class Schedule

Financial Account

  • Term by term listing of the student’s financial account
  • View and pay on the student’s  UNF account
  • Tax Notification (1098T)

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Awards and status

Student may also add parents either by providing their parent’s UNF ID, or by generating an invitation that parents can use to create a UNF account.




UNF Administrative Applications Menu

Parent Account Requests

Users can view the list of outstanding parent account requests. For each person on the list, the user can show potential matches with existing person records in Banner. The user can elect to match a request with an existing person, create a new person record, or delete the record. Once a record is created or matched, the account requestor is informed via email about their account.


Intended Audience/Users:   Parent Access Administrators in One-Stop



Parent Profile

Administrators can view demographic information about a parent and view the list of the parent’s children. The listing includes the access levels the student has granted the parent and the last update and expiration dates.


Intended Audience/Users:  Parent Access Administrators in One-Stop