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NCAA Continuing Eligibility 

In an effort to improve the verification process of student athletes for Continuing Eligibility, a system was developed for the Advising, Intercollegiate Athletics, and University Compliance Offices.  The Advising Offices are able to review student athlete’s academic history as well as currently enrolled courses and verify that they are taking courses that will be applied to their current degree program.  The Intercollegiate Athletics Office is able to review the student’s academic history and currently enrolled courses as well as any comments made by the Advisor.  The Advising Offices and the Intercollegiate Office are able to indicate that the information has been reviewed.  The University Compliance Office is able to use this information to make decisions regarding the student’s continuing eligibility.

UNF Administrative Applications Menu

NCAA Continuing Eligibility-Advising 

The Advising Offices are able to select a Term, Time Period and College (including the Academic Center for Excellence) to see a list of student athletes with majors in their college.  A Student Summary is available for each student.  


Advisors need to indicate if a minor is required for the student's major. This is a required field.


Additionally, the advisor can indicate if the student was advised prior to registration and enter their degree applicable hours completed and hours remaining.


Advisors need to review all coursework that is displayed based on the term and time period selected. For each course, a degree applicable indicator needs to be selected, if the course is degree applicable. The advisor will need to select the area where the course is used.  Some courses may be used in more than one area. Comments can be entered to provide additional information. 


Intended Audience/Users:  Advisors



NCAA Continuing Eligibility-Athletics 

The Intercollegiate Athletics Office and University Compliance are able to select a Term, Time Period, and Sport to see a list of student athletes for each sport.  A Student Summary is available for each student.  


Intended Audience/Users:  Intercollegiate Athletics Office and University Compliance



Student Summary 

From either the NCAA Continuing Eligibility-Advising or NCAA Continuing Eligibility-Athletics when selecting a student the user will see the Student Summary.  The Student Summary contains the following information:


Header Information
Student ID, Name, Program, Program Hours, Major, Concentration, Minor, Honors, Institutional GPA, Classification, Student Type and Matriculation Term.

Prior Terms
If the student has been evaluated for terms prior to the current evaluation term(s), then a hyperlink will be displayed.

For each term for the selected period, display the Term, Total Hours, Program, Major, Concentration and Minor. For each course in registration, display Course ID, Hours, and Grade. Advisors will indicate if the course is degree applicable and in which area(s) the course is used.

Refresh Courses (button)
Use the Refresh Courses button to update the student's schedule in case it has changed after being reviewed.

Advisors can enter additional information.

Repeated Courses
Display any currently enrolled courses that are repeated from prior terms.

Degree Evaluation
Hyperlink to the degree evaluation for the primary program.

Additional Information
Hyperlink to the Additional Information from the degree evaluation for the primary program.

Advisor Reviewed
Name of advisor who reviewed the student.

Intended Audience/Users:  Advisors, Intercollegiate Athletics Office, and University Compliance