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Jacksonville Commitment  

The Jacksonville Commitment is a scholarship program sponsored by the four Jacksonville colleges and universities, Duval County Public Schools, and the City of Jacksonville.

 UNF Administrative Applications 


Jacksonville Commitment Tracking Form 

The Jacksonville Commitment Tracking form is used by the financial aid department to display and update data needed for city reporting for Jacksonville Commitment students. The students Jacksonville Commitment data can be accessed by aid year and the student’s N number. The form displays gender, race, major, financial aid budget, EFC, high school and GPA from various banner tables. The form displays the following information from ROBNYUD table:





The above data items are maintained on the ROBUSDF table to preserve their values over numerous aid years. 


The bottom part of the form displays data for each Jacksonville commitment award the student has received for the aid year. The Jacksonville commitment fund codes are:




Each row of data describing a Jacksonville Commitment award has a hyperlink that will move the data to an update area. The financial aid staff can record the student’s summer attendance, probation status, appeal status, award eligibility and reason for loss of eligibility. 


Intended Audience/Users:  Financial Aid Staff



Jax Commitment – High School Update 

The purpose of the form is to associate a shorter high school name, which is required for city reporting, with the complete name on our Banner table.


Intended Audience/Users:  Financial Aid Staff