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UNF Administrative Applications Menu 

Grade Audit 

The user can input a UNF ID for a student to see all of their courses with grades including grade changes.  The term, course ID, course title, hours, grade (including grade changes), assignment of grade, user, and date are displayed.  The assignment for most grades will be ‘Original Entry’.  For grade changes the user may see ‘Grade/Term Forgiveness’, ‘Entry Error’, or some other indication of why the grade was changed.  The user may be the Banner process ‘SHRROLL’ or a UNF ID of an employee who made the change within Banner.


Intended Audience/Users: Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Secretaries, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Advisors



Grade Change Review  

UNF has developed a Change of Grade system for faculty to use to indicate any changes to grades after the term.  Once an instructor inputs the grade change request, the Department Chair must review all grade change requests and either ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’ the request.  The Grade Change Review includes a list of pending Grade Changes including student name, status of grade change (initially it will be pending), old grade, new grade, instructor name, term, course id, and reason for grade change. 


Intended Audience/Users: Department Chairs



Online Grade Change Status 

This page provides a view into the current status of the online Change of Grade system as well as an audit of past activity. The user can select a status (Approved, Denied, Error, and Pending) and a term to see the list of students who received grade changes.  The grade change status, term, CRN, course ID, UNF ID, student name, instructor name, date of grade change, original grade, new grade, academic grade, and approver are displayed. 


Intended Audience/Users: Select members in Enrollment Services



Faculty Services Menu 

Missing Grade Report 

This report displays a list of the faculty’s courses that contain missing grades.  The CRN, term, course id, title, session number, number enrolled, number with no grade are displayed.  Select CRN to go to the Final Grade worksheet to enter grades.


Change of Grade 

The instructor selects a term to see a list of their courses, then selects a CRN to see a list of students including UNF ID, name, rolled grade, current academic grade, new grade, and reason for grade change.  The instructor can select from the New Grade drop down box and enter a reason for the grade change in the Reason text box.  Grades for courses that have been used to award a terminal degree cannot be changed.