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Event Management System

The Event Management System provides a way for individual UNF departments to create an event, add RSVP information for those that have a Banner ID (N#), check those that have RSVP’d, and export list of people with contact information for the event.


This system was created based on the needs of Admissions and the Events Office for open house and on-site Admission events. The development of this system was also based on providing any UNF department the ability to track RSVP and attendance to any event. The event creation and management are based on the security granted by department so that one department event manager can only see and update events for his or her department. Each event created has the ability to control the max number of RSVP’s as well as creating multiple functions within the event with their own max capacity. You have the ability to add any person with a Banner ID to attend the event, notate individual person information, check a person in at the time of the event, and export person and contact information for that event.

UNF Administrative Applications Menu

Event Management: Create or Update an Event 

This is where you can create (generate) a new event or update a current event. The basic rules for event creation are as follows:

  1. Event Records are unique to the event purpose and the event date. (You cannot create the same event purpose for the same day).
    1. The purpose codes are defined on GTVPURP and must follow the naming convention by department.
      1. Example: GTVPURP Code starts with  “ADM-“  for Admissions (Department 6019) Events 
  2. Event Types can only be either public events (open to the public) or private events (by invitation only).
    1. This was designed for the option of a future enhancement of a public facing system allowing people to sign into public events much like the campus tour reservation system OR a private event which will use the portal to check if a person has received an invitation (possible noted on GUIMAIL in Banner).
  3. Campus can only be on Main Campus or Off Campus.
    1. This controls the Site Selection mentioned next.
  4. Location uses the validation table of STVSITE.
    1. NOTE: You can only select Main Campus if you selected Main Campus for Campus mentioned previously. If Campus code is “Off Campus” you can select all other sites except Main Campus.
  5. Invitation allows you to select a letter code from GTVLETR and a date range for when the person would have accepted it.
    1. NOTE: The letter code on GTVLETR must start with “EVNT-“ to be able to be selected.
    2. This was created for the potential of future validation of events by invitation only where a person would be able to RSVP through the portal.
  6. Start and End Dates and Times are used to create the “Registration Function” under the event.
    1. NOTE: The “Registration” function is the main control for all other functions. No other functions can start before registration starts or end before registration ends.
    2. The Reason for this is because people can only RSVP or attend a function and therefore a base function of registration shows that a person has RSVP or attended the event.
  7. Max Attendance is used to control the number of RSVP’s to an event. This will stop a person from being added if there is not enough room in the event.
    1. NOTE: This does not include the guest of the person that RSVP’d (Example: If a UNF Applicant RSVP’s to an open house an brings both their parents it will only take up one seat).
  8. Functions can be added to an event that has already been created with their own location, start and end times, and their own max capacity.

Admissions events have the ability to batch load students into event functions for those that have a “RSVP” record in SORCONT and load “Attend” records back into SORCONT for those that have attended.


*NOTE: The selection for this is based on an “RSVP” record existing in SORCONT for the day of  the event.


Intended Audience/Users:  UNF Staff Managing Events 


Event Management: Check-In

This is where you can check-in people that are attending an event, take notes about the person attending, and add walk-ins (provided they already have a Banner ID):

  1. You can view a list of people for a particular event with a particular status.   

  3. You can update their attendance status. 

  5. You can update the number of guest they have with them.
    1. NOTE: Only accessible if you limit your selection by entering in what their last name stars with in the “Last Name” field. 
  6. You can update a Check-In Comment field (Max 30 characters).
    1. NOTE: Only accessible if you limit your selection by entering in what their last name stars with in the “Last Name” field.
  7. You can also open up the Event Functions screen for an individual by clicking on the link for that person (“More Info”).
    1. This is where you can enter in a larger comments about that particular individual.
  8. You also can open up an Excel file of all students selected.

Intended Audience/Users:  UNF Staff Managing Events


Event Management: Event Functions 

This is where you can add a person to a particular function of an event and update information about that person individual event functions.


Intended Audience/Users:  UNF Staff Managing Events