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Employee Education Program

The Employee Education Program or EEP system provides a way for an employee/student to select courses they want to be covered by the EEP benefit. They select the courses by ranking their registered courses in Employee Services. The employee/student’s supervisor has the ability to go in and review the registered and ranked courses an employee has requested and can deny a course if necessary. A job is run nightly and on demand to apply the appropriate contract and amount to the students account for courses that have been ranked and are in an approved status. There are checks in the system to make sure the employee/student are in an eligible employee status, made passing grades in previously covered courses in the program, and requesting or approving these requests during the time established by the university.

Employee Services Menu 

EEP – Employee Request

The EEP – Employee Request is used by employee/student’s who want to take part in the Employee Education Program. Once a term is selected (if a term is available for entry) then the employee/student can rank their courses in the order they should be used when applying the payment. If an employee’s supervisor has denied a course that will appear in the status column of the list. Other status’ are: Not Registered (meaning the employee/student is no longer registered for that course) and Not Eligible (meaning the course is not eligible to be covered using the EEP waiver because of grade mode or not passing the previous term’s courses). The Fees Ind column indicates the course(s) that are being covered by the EEP program.  The grades of these courses will determine whether an employee/student is eligible for the program the next semester.


Intended Audience/Users: A&P and USPS employees



EEP – Supervisor Decision

The EEP – Supervisor Decision screen is used by supervisors of employees to deny a course being covered by the EEP program. An email is sent to the supervisor when an employee has ranked their courses for the first time. Once a term and UNF ID is entered then the supervisor reviews the ranked courses and if they are going to deny a course that should be selected from the Decision column and the Submit button clicked. A decision only needs to be entered if the supervisor is denying a course otherwise nothing needs to be done.


Intended Audience/Users: A&P and USPS employees who supervise other employees


UNF Administrative Applications 

EEP – Control Maintenance 

The EEP – Control Maintenance screen is used to set the deadlines for the employee/student and the supervisor. These dates are used by the application to know whether the action of ranking courses by the employee/student or the decision making of the supervisor can be done. If the current date is passed the deadline date then the action will not be allowed.


Intended Audience/Users: Select Enrollment Services Processing staff



EEP – Exception Maintenance

The EEP – Exception Maintenance screen is used to enter a student when they have been given special approval to take courses but do not yet meet the Human Resources rule of being employed at UNF for at least 6 months prior to the first day of the term.


Intended Audience/Users: Select Enrollment Services Processing staff



EEP – Fees Control 

The EEP – Fees Control screen is used to set the fee amounts that will be paid on a per credit hour basis. The fees are set-up by Aid Year. The five different fee amounts are as follows: Undergraduate Differential, Undergraduate Prepaid, Undergraduate Differential and Prepaid, Undergraduate, and Graduate.


Intended Audience/Users: Select Cashier’s Office staff



EEP – Review

The EEP - Review screen is used to review by term a list of students who have ranked courses to be covered by the EEP benefit. A term selection is required on the form then a list of students who have submitted a request is displayed.  From the list, the UNF ID is a hyperlink that will take the user to the courses, including the ranking, decision, and fees indicator.


Intended Audience/Users: Enrollment Services Processing staff and One-Stop Student Services


Banner Jobs 

WTF0362 – Add or Update EEP Contracts

WTF0363 – Finalize EEP Contract


Intended Audience/Users: Select Cashier’s Office staff