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Early Academic Alert System

The Early Academic Alert System (EAAS) is an academic support program which gives faculty an opportunity to alert a student, the student's academic advisor, and the program administrator when the student is performing poorly in a particular course early in the semester.


The goal of EAAS is for professional academic advisors  to intervene early in the semester and connect students to support services that may improve their opportunity for academic success in a specific course.


UNF Administrative Applications Menu

EAAS - Advisor Maintenance 

Advisors that will be used in the Early Academic Alert System must be identified.  The EAAS Administrator will add advisors including an effective term in order for them to be assigned to students.  When an employee is no longer an advisor, then the end term is added to their record.


Intended Audience/Users: EAAS Administrator


Early Academic Alert System

Once students are referred by the faculty member using the Early Academic Alert System, Advisors and the EAAS Administrator can use this application to manage the communication with the student and faculty member.  The EAAS Administrator can assign an advisor if one is not already assigned to the student.  Each advisor can get a list of students assigned to them in order to indicate that the student has been contacted and that the student has responded.  Once the student response is indicated, an email is sent to the faculty member.   In addition the list of students can be exported.


Intended Audience/Users: Advisors and EAAS Administrator


Faculty Services Menu

Early Academic Alert System

Faculty members can refer students who are struggling in their classes by using the Early Academic Alert System. The faculty member selects the term and course then selects the student to refer.  There are several options to identify the specific issue that the student is having.  Once a student is referred, an email is sent to the student, assigned advisor (if one exists) and the EAAS Administrator. The faculty member has access to an export of all referred students in the class.    


Intended Audience/Users: Faculty