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Commencement Control

This application is used to control the Graduation Application (employees and students), Graduation Pre-Certification process, and the Graduation Certification process.  The user enters the term, indicates if the Graduation Application is Active (Yes or No), enters the Commencement Date, begin and end dates for the Pre-Certification Period, the Certification Period, and the Student Application Period.  Various applications will use the Commencement Control information when accessed and provide appropriate messages when the application is unavailable.


Intended Audience/Users: Select Enrollment Services Staff



Graduate Project Requirements

The Graduate Project Requirements application provides the Graduate School with a means to indicate the type of project that a graduate student must complete in order to be certified to graduate.   The Project Title, Submit Date and Approve Date are also tracked on this application.  In addition, the Committee Members for the student’s project are included indicating if the person is the Chair of the Committee or a Member.


The Graduate Project Requirements (project type, submit date, and approve date) are then displayed on the Graduation Review Screen.  


Intended Audience/Users:The Graduate School 



Graduation Review

The Graduation Review application is used to certify students for graduation.  The user selects a term, college, department, level, pre-certification, certification, or student ID to see a list of students who have applied to graduate for the selected parameters. Term is required plus one additional selection.  The list displays the student’s UNF ID, name, program, major, concentration, degree, status of pre-certification, status of certification, and status of degree evaluation (audit).  The statuses for the pre-certification and certification are hyperlinks to a summary of the student’s information where the user can “Approve” or “Deny” the student for graduation. 


The summary information includes the student’s program, list of program areas and their status (met or not met), status for University Requirements, Graduate Project Requirements for graduate students, list of Approvals, student schedule, list of repeated courses, hours grid (current UNF hours, current Transfer hours, current Combined hours, Cumulative hours), list of courses with incomplete grades, and any automated transcript endorsements that will be posted if the student graduates.


Pre-certification and Certification Statuses




Note:  Three levels of approvers are possible: Level 1 (Advisor), Level 2 (Chair), and Level 3 (Dean). Each college has pre-determined which levels to use to coincide with their business process. The levels for each college are stored in a local table (which does not have an application front-end).


Note:  The Graduation Review uses the Commencement Control to provide appropriate error messages if it is not within the pre-certification or certification period.


Intended Audience/Users: Advisors, Department Chairs, Deans, Associate Deans, select members of Enrollment Services



Graduation Application

The user can select a term and Student ID to review the information submitted by the student or submit the graduation application on behalf of the student.  The diploma name, check boxes for if the student will be attending the ceremony, if the student wants their name in the ceremony program, and if the student wants their name in the newspaper are displayed.  In addition, all programs for which the student is eligible to apply will be listed.  The level, catalog term, degree, majors, minors, and any error messages are displayed.  There is a check box next to each program to indicate that the student is applying for the checked program. 


Note:  The Graduation Application uses the Commencement Control information to determine which terms are available in the drop down box using the Application Input indicator (yes or no).


Intended Audience/Users: Enrollment Services (Admissions, One-Stop, ACE, Record Processing)


Student Services Menu

Graduation Application

During the Graduation Application period (see Commencement Control), the student is allowed to apply for graduation.  The student is able to indicate if they plan to attend the ceremony, would like their name in the commencement program book, and would like their name published in the newspaper.  All programs for which the student is eligible to apply will be listed.  The level, catalog term, degree, majors, minors, and any error messages are displayed.  There is a check box next to each program where the student indicates if they are applying to graduate in that program.  In some cases, instead of a check box, an “NR” is displayed which means the student is not eligible.  The message will indicate the reason why the student is unable to apply at this time. 


If a student submitted a graduation application for a prior term, then the following information is displayed:


  • Graduation Application Term
  • Program
  • Graduation Pre-Certification Status
  • Graduation Final Certification Status



If the student sees that they already have an application on file then it may prevent them from submitting another graduation application for the next term.


Intended Audience/Users: Students