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Admissions Referral System

The Referral System is a way for Admissions processing and the Graduate School to create referrals for students’ Admissions Applications and have the referral routed to the appropriate approvers for decisions, thereby replacing a paper process. Once the approver makes their decision, it is routed back to Admissions processing or the Graduate School for final processing.


At both levels, graduate and undergraduate, there are control forms that must be completed before referrals can be created. Four control forms should be completed before creating a referral.


The creation of a referral can only be done for students who have a Referred for Decision (NR) decision as the latest decision.  After this decision is input on the Admissions Processing Workspace the referral can be created by clicking the 'Referral Creation Needed' link in the Decisions block.  The referral creation page has different fields based on the level of the student’s admissions application.

UNF Administrative Applications Menu

Admissions Referral Control

The Admissions Referral Control is used to access the four control forms. The control forms are based on level (Graduate and Undergraduate). The four control forms are as follows:

  • Decision Reasons: This is where decision reasons are created and maintained. These decisions are the decisions that the approver can select from when reviewing a referral. Decisions may be associated exclusively with a particular queue.  The decision reason and queue association must be set up by ITS.
  • Program Association: This is where an approval queue is attached to a program, major and concentration. Without an approval queue attached then a referral cannot be created for anyone with that particular program, major and concentration.  Note: There is an override of program association when the selected referral reason has been assigned to a specific approval queue.  The reason association must be set up by ITS.  
  • Queue Management: This is where approval queues are created and maintained. Members are added to approval queues and given a level of authority (Update or View). If the member is selected to be notified then they will receive an email based on the indicated frequency informing them of how many referrals are waiting for a decision.
  • Referral Reasons: This is where referral reasons are created and maintained. These reasons are used by the referral creator in the initial creation of a referral.  See above “Program Association” control form for assignment of referrals by reason instead of program.

Intended Audience/Users: Graduate School Administrator and Undergraduate Administrator



Admissions Referral Decision

The Admissions Referral Decision screen lists the students that have a referral created, but are waiting for a decision by an approver. The list is determined by the user’s queue(s). There are selection drop-downs if the user wants to narrow down their list. Clicking on the hyperlink provided for the student, the user is taken to a screen to review the referral and a decision can be made and submitted for processing.


Intended Audience/Users: College approvers


Admissions Referral Decision for FTIC

The Admissions Referral Decision for FTIC enables undergraduate admissions to analyze applicants that have been referred for a decision. Student referrals sent to the ‘FTIC Admissions’ queue can be reviewed in bulk to determine how each student affects the FTIC profile. Referral decisions can be applied for a group of students rather than the traditional way of posting decisions one by one as is done in the Admissions Referral Decision application. The undergraduate test score indicator can also be updated for each student to affect the FTIC profile calculations.


Intended Audience/Users: Director of Undergraduate Admissions



Admissions Referral Processing

The Admissions Referral Processing screen lists the students that have referrals waiting for final processing. There are selection drop-downs the user can select to narrow down the list. By clicking on the hyperlink provided for the student, the user is taken to a screen to review the referral and the decision that was made by the approver. 


Intended Audience/Users: The Graduate School and Enrollment Services Processing