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Transfer Articulation

Populate Transfer Catalog Articulation Review

This process updates data in the transfer catalog articulation review applications.  It first removes all catalog entries from general international (codes I001 - I006) and unknown post-secondary institution (codes beginning with UNKC) catalogs.  It then reprocesses a temporary table that stores courses to be reviewed.  There are two types of courses for review: general and direct equate.


The courses for general review are gathered from the transfer catalog courses that are marked as unreviewed and appear a certain number of times in student academic history (defined in the Threshold Management application).  The most commonly used equivalent in student academic history will be used to suggest an equivalent to be assigned in the transfer catalog.  If the course has not been assigned an equivalent at all, that will be suggested as well.  Unreviewed catalog entries with activity dates older than one year will be deleted.  This is to decrease processing time for this job.


Courses will be selected for direct equate review if the course has an equivalent that is not a UNF course, the institution is not in the common course numbering system and the course appears in student academic history a certain number of times (also uses a user-defined threshold).


Technical Notes:



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