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Automated Incomplete Grade Processing

When instructors assign an incomplete grade, a default grade and default incomplete extension date will automatically be assigned. Instructors are able to modify both the default grade and default incomplete extension date prior to grades being rolled to academic history.  Incomplete extension dates have a maximum of one year after the end of the term.            


The default grade is set up on the Grade Code Maintenance form (SHAGRDE).  The default extension date is set up on the Term Control form (SOATERM).  The rules used for the automated incomplete grade processing are set up on the Incomplete Grade Rules form (SHAINCG). 


The Incomplete Grade Process (SHRCINC) will run on a weekly basis to assign the default grade to the student in academic history when the default incomplete extension date has been reached.


Technical Notes: 


E-mails for Grade Change System

UNF has developed a Change of Grade system for faculty to use to indicate any changes to grades after the term.  As part of this system, emails are sent to the Department Chairs indicating there are Grade Changes pending.  Emails are sent to Instructors indicating whether any Pending Grade Changes have been approved or denied.  The process runs nightly to notify both Chairs and Instructors about activity for that day.  If it is Friday, the email sent to the Department Chairs includes all pending grade changes that are still outstanding, not just those that occurred for the day.


Technical Notes: 

Job WSH1850
Package wksgeml