Ospreys Email Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ospreys Email?

The University of North Florida has partnered with Microsoft to provide students with an "E-mail for Life" address (N number@ospreys.unf.edu) and 25 GB storage for e-mail. This is an Office 365 Education offering.


As of June 26, 2013, I was told students have two accounts - what does that mean?

In June of 2013, student accounts were upgraded to Office 365. Part of that process included the creation of a second account called your Microsoft Personal account. If you were a student before June 26, 2013 you will notice that the SkyDrive (once part of your Ospreys E-mail account) is now in your Microsoft Personal account. In summary, you now have two accounts, one is your Ospreys E-mail account managed by UNF and the other is a Personal Microsoft account managed by Microsoft. 

Do faculty and staff use Ospreys Email?
No, faculty and staff use an enterprise solution for email called Exchange that is owned and managed by the University.


What is my e-mail login ID?
Your ID will be your UNF ID (N Number) followed by @ospreys.unf.edu

Example: n01234567@ospreys.unf.edu


What is my password?
Your password for Ospreys E-mail is the same password you use for myWings.  


How do I reset my Ospreys E-mail password if I forget it?
You can reset your e-mail password in myWingsUnder the Home tab in myWings, click the “Manage Ospreys E-mail Account” link in the Manage myUNFID channel.


Is it possible to forward my UNF email to another account (such as Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud)?
Yes, Follow these instructions: https://www.unf.edu/its/e-mail/Studentemail/Forwarding_Email.aspx


How do I find my forwarding address in my Ospreys E-mail account?
Your forwarding address, if you have one, will be listed in “Connected Accounts”. This can be found by clicking on “Options”.

Can I keep my Ospreys E-mail address when I leave UNF?
Yes, you will be able to keep your e-mail address (in the format of N Number@ospreys.unf.edu) for life. If you ever need to reset the password after you leave UNF, you can do so using myWings.

What is the SkyDrive and how do I access it?

SkyDrive is a feature of your Microsoft Personal account. It is a place to store files online.  To access your SkyDrive account, go to http://skydrive.live.com. Your username will be your Ospreys E-mail address, which is your N Number@ospreys.unf.edu (example: n00123456@ospreys.unf.edu). If you do not know the password, click on “Can’t access your account?” below the login area at http://skydrive.live.com.

What if I am both a student and an employee at UNF?
If you have dual roles, you will have two mailboxes. One is n01234567@ospreys.unf.edu (student mailbox) and the other is n01234567@unf.edu (employee mailbox). When your Ospreys E-mail account is activated, it will be set to automatically forward to your employee mailbox (example: N#@unf.edu). You can change this if you want (In your Ospreys E-mail account, go to "Options" in the top right corner, select "See all Options", click on "Account", and select "Forward your e-mail".  Make your change under "Forwarding".)  More on email for as both a student and an employee. 


What web applications are available and how do I access them?

Currently, you will access Office web applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note in your SkyDrive.


How much storage space is available?

Mailboxes will have a 25 GB limit for e-mail. Your SkyDrive has a 7 GB of storage space for files.


What size files can I send and receive?

Student can send a file with up to a 20 MB attachment and receive an e-mail with an attachment up to 20 MB 


Can I read my Ospreys E-mail on my smart phone?

Yes, you can read your e-mail on any Windows Mobile phone or a mobile phone that supports Exchange ActiveSync (including iPhone/iPad and Android based devices). Set up instructions.


When I leave UNF, do I get to keep my Ospreys Email address?

Yes, once you are a student at UNF, you will retain your Ospreys E-mail account for life.


Do I have a Friendly E-mail Address?

Students who had UNF an e-mail account prior to November of 2011 and had a friendly e-mail alias in place will have it until they graduate. All other students do not have a friendly email alias. N Number@ospreys.unf.edu will remain for life, and will be the format for all e-mail addresses of students admitted after Nov. 11, 2011. Due to the large number of accounts that need to be maintained over the years,  this format provides the greatest flexibility for current, as well as future, Ospreys.


Why does Ospreys E-mail not open if I am Using Safari (web browser)?
The popup blocker in Safari can make the Ospreys E-mail link not open. Disabling the popup blocker will fix this issue.


Is there a spam filter?

Yes, there is a spam filter.


Are "Ospreys E-mail for Life" and "E-mail for Life@alumni.unf.edu" the same?

No, "E-mail for Life@alumni.unf.edu" is for only UNF alumni and is managed by the Alumni Association. "Ospreys E-mail for Life" is for any student who is or once was admitted to UNF. In the future, these two "systems" may be combined.




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