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Student email accounts now use @UNF.EDU 

In order to provide better collaboration with the Office 365 tools, students, faculty and staff are now in the same Office 365 environment.  

Things to know: 

  • During this transition, students will have two UNF mailboxes, their old one that uses and a new one that uses 
  • Email communication from UNF systems is now being delivered to the account only. (This went to affect May 7, 2019) 
  • Students should select the “Email” tile in myWings to access their new email account.
  • Both the UNF and Ospreys accounts will be active for a period of time to enable a smooth transition for students. Communication will be sent prior to the Ospreys account being deactivated.
  • Automatic email forwarding is not possible in the environment.   

Immediate actions to take: 

  • Regularly check the account. Click on the "Email" tile in myWings to do this or use the Outlook mobile app. 
  • Students will want to login to their Ospreys account (select the "Old Email” tile in MyWings) and turn on automatic forwarding so any email still being sent to their Ospreys account is redirected to their new UNF account. 
  • It is recommended they also turn on an "Automatic Reply" notice that directs email senders to contact them at their