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Outlook Archiving

As e-mail usage increases and individual mailboxes reach their size limit, it may become necessary to archive (store) old messages in a different location. By moving these old messages to a local drive, you will not experience warning messages (sent via e-mail to your account) similar to this:


mailbox is almost full

  • If you do not heed this warning and reach your limit, you will not be able to send mail. To avoid this, it is best to configure Outlook to archive (store) your e-mail automatically. You can access the archived mail easily using Outlook. To learn how to archive your e-mail, use Outlook's Help and search on "AutoArchive".

Please Note: Your e-mail is archived to the local drive, it is no longer backed up, and therefore cannot be restored by Information Technology Services (ITS) . Users will need to back up ARCHIVE.PST using a zip disk or alternative media.