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E-mail Info for Those who are Both an Employee and a Student

Students who are also employed at UNF have some options for their email.

  1.  If you are both an employee and a student, you have two email accounts.

    Type E-mail Address Where to Read E-mail Received
    The student mailbox is Ospreys E-mail  

    Click on the " Ospreys E-mail" icon in myWings (or)  

    Login in at

    The employee mailbox is Exchange (Outlook) or 

    Click on the "E-mail" icon in myWings (or)

    Login at (or)

    Use Outlook (application) on UNF computers


  2. All email addressed as “”  is delivered to your UNF employee mailbox.  All email addressed as is delivered to your student mailbox.   

  3. Only email addressed directly and specifically to will go to your Ospreys E-mail student account.

  4. You can access both email accounts in myWings. Click on the icon that says “E-mail” to check your employee e-mail account. Click on the icon that says “Ospreys E-mail” to access your student e-mail account. 

  5. If you are primarily a faculty or staff member, and since departments and individuals can use either email address for you, it is recommended you periodically check your Ospreys E-mail account or set up forwarding. Forwarding instructions.

  6. If you are primarily a student, it would be wise to put rules on your employee mailbox to forward messages relating to your student role to @ospreys.