Welcome to the website for the Office of the University’s Chief Information Officer or CIO. The CIO, with input and guidance from a variety of university committees and constituencies, sets the overall direction for information technology through strategic planning and evaluation.  He provides leadership, planning and management for all areas of information technology strategy, development, and implementation. He oversees the centralized Information Technology Services (ITS) organization.


The last two years have been a period of significant change for ITS. Based on recommendations from a task force appointed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance and a second task force charged with making recommendations regarding support for Academic Technology, a reorganization of the ITS units was implemented. The Academic Technology unit was established to provide dedicated support to the academic technology needs of the faculty and students. The Project Management Office was created and charged with overseeing all IT-related projects for the University. The networking and IT security units were combined to create a streamlined and more efficient Networking, Systems, and Security department and, finally, the IT Communications and Training unit was established to focus on communications of IT-related issues with the campus community and to coordinate IT-related training. Detailed information on the recommendations of the two task forces can be found at the links below.


In addition to the organizational restructuring, a new IT governance structure was put in place. All strategic and resource-intensive IT projects are reviewed by a committee of divisional and unit Vice Presidents. Recommendations for implementation priority for IT projects are made by this group. A set of strategic IT initiatives and projects has been identified and continues to evolve. The strategic initiatives create a foundation upon which strategic projects are based. Current strategic initiatives include:

  • data analytics
  • mobile computing and expanded wireless services
  • cloud computing
  • forms automation
  • data loss prevention
  • document imaging

A number of projects recently completed or currently underway that are directly tied to these initiatives include:

  • implementation of a Student Success Collaborative solution that will enable academic advisors to“generate accurate and actionable risk assessments for each student and generate individualized recommendations that help students understand what steps are necessary to increase their likelihood of graduation”;
  • a revitalization of the Banner Student System to support the University’s collaboration with Academic Partners in support of a growing focus on distance learning;
  • implementation of a cloud-based contract management system;
  • implementation of cloud-based student email;
  • delivery of the services of the campus portal to mobile devices;
  • implementation of a cloud-based replacement for Help Desk software;
  • acquisition and implementation of a system to identify and prevent potential avenues of data loss;
  • implementation of a new document imaging system

The ITS organization exists to serve the information technology needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the University. We look forward to extending that service to you.




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Lance Taylor


 Lance Taylor

Associate Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Information Officer