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Blackboard to Canvas Transition 

The learning management system is at the heart of the teaching and learning activities at the University. The transition from Blackboard to Canvas impacts every student and instructor, and many of the administrative units at the University. The impact of this project is very broad, however, ITS has been working to provide improvements for all stakeholders in addition to the existing functionality in the new product. 

For example, the course creation, student enrollments, and availability were completely re-imagined. Instructors no longer need to request courses in the LMS, as they were for over 15 years. The courses are created automatically every term based on the university records. Also, courses that are similar in nature and are assigned to the same instructor are automatically combined for instructors, saving instructors much time. This is only one example that will save many hours for instructors and the supporting teams. UNF blue goes Canvas

Recruiter Implementation 

This project replaced the recruitment solution called Ellucian Banner Relationship Management (BRM) with Ellucian Recruiter. Ellucian BRM was being desupported by the vendor and Ellucian Recruiter was identified as the replacement product. The project improves communication with potential students, current students, and will help the University improve its state performance metrics. This project Impacted the core operations of the university in the area of recruitment, application and admission processing. The application for admission, test scores, loading of prospects, reporting and all other process had to be rethought and integrated with the new tool. This project that was successfully completed in collaboration between multiple departments in Academic Affairs and Administrative and Finance. This effort had major participation and impact on all Enrollment Services departments and multiple ITS departments.

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Goes Online

ITS and Academic Affairs partnered to implement a new online process for students to submit requests to participate in a University sponsored Faculty-Led Study Abroad course. Faculty can now publish Faculty-Led Study Abroad opportunities in myWings. Students can view all of the opportunities in one place and submit a request to participate from the same location.

Upgrade of Library Lab Computers 

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library lab, classroom, and Group Study Room computers were upgraded with faster computers equipped with Solid State Hard Drives. All 351 Dell desktops, as well as 48 iMacs have been upgraded with new devices containing Solid State Hard Drives. These new drives, and upgraded machines, have drastically increased performance and start up times enabling the over 750,000 library users per year to access software and content faster and more reliable than ever before. 


Child Development Resource Center Automates their Business Services

ITS helped the Child Development Resource Center (CDRC) improve their processes in the areas of financial operations (invoicing and late fees) and online forms. They automated and revamped invoicing, general accounting, revenue and forms. ITS consulted and assisted the department in implementing late fees in Pro-Care.​ These changes ultimately improved the services to students, faculty, staff and the community. The center has been in operation since 1975 and operates under the auspices of the Division of Student Affairs. 

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Robinson Theater Classroom Upgrades 

Academic Technology's Audio-Visual unit upgraded the projection and sound equipment in the Robinson Theater classrooms to improve the movie theater experience for the Film Studies program. The enhancements provide for a more movie theatre experience in support of our English film studies program. Some of these improvements include: a state of the art professional digital projector with greater brightness resolution, larger projector screens with Cinema Vision Fabric for color picture enhancement, improved speaker system including high-powered subwoofers, an upgrade from analog to digital for better image quality, and added Blu-ray players.


Faculty Reporting 

This project improved Faculty Effort Reporting​ by replacing Faculty Academic Information Reporting (FAIR) with a streamlined in-house development solution. This effort saved the University a significant cost to renew FAIR or another product.​

American Sign Language Telepresence-enabled Classroom 

Academic Technology's Telepresence unit, in collaboration with other ITS units and CIRT, completed the development of a telepresence-enabled classroom for the American Sign Language/English Interpreting program. The room is outfitted with cameras, displays, and "huddle" stations that allow local and online distance students to collaborate with faculty and peers and receive synchronous instruction in a more authentic setting.

Math Emporium Expansion

The Math Emporium is a 98 seat computer lab for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Math/Stats is using the space to help students achieve greater success in their courses. The Math Emporium was fully functional in spring 2015 and was recently expanded in summer 2016. 

The Math Emporium was a strategy advocated by the National Conference on Academic Transformation (NCAT). To address the need for more graduates in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, the Math Emporium will facilitate student success in a wide variety of critical gateway courses required for degrees in the STEM disciplines.


iContracts Routing/Contract Management System

This was a three-year project aimed at implementing a new routing and contract system for all divisions at UNF. With this implementation, all contract information is now centralized and accessible to the campus community. Universal use of iContracts provides more business efficiency and transparency. Procurement Services partnered with ITS in implementing iContracts.

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Enterprise Applications Infrastructure Upgrades 

Major releases of enterprise applications were introduced without service interruptions. Some of the applications upgraded were Banner (all modules), Blackboard (learning management system), Ektron Web Content Management System, Recruiter, Enterprise Data Warehouse, SharePoint, T2 (parking decal and fine payment system), Quillix (document scanning), OnBase (document retrieval), EMS Calendaring Solutions, Raiser's Edge (fundraising), Financial Edge (accounting). 


Major upgrades bring significant improvements, however, they also carry a risk of disrupting operations. ITS minimized the outages by organizing and facilitating testing of the upgrades, having good data backups, and by conducting the upgrades during times with little to no usage (e.g. weekends). These major upgrades rarely caused unannounced service interruptions and systems were online during business hours. 


MOCA Web Presence Redesign and Migration 

ITS redesigned and migrated the Museum of Contemporary Art's website from an old system to Enterprise Ektron Content Management System. This migration introduced new infrastructure functionality, modern and ADA compliant design and dynamic content. This project also benefited the University's web presence as the new designs and ADA compliant elements are now available for other units to use. In addition, MOCA staff members' email was also moved to the university infrastructure, thus providing a cost savings and more efficiency. 


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Enterprise Data Management 


A new technical strategy for Enterprise Data Management and Reporting was established. It leverages existing vendor partnerships and as well as new capabilities. The strategy removes obsolete technology (e.g. Ellucian EDW) and creates new data models (merging ERP data and external systems). The data management and reporting model benefits the library, auxiliary budget tracking, space and energy utilization, finance, housing, and more.  





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