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 Video Conferencing Tools for Telepresence Rooms

Logo for Cisco WebEx Meetings WebEx Meetings:

Cisco WebEx Meetings offers industry-leading video and audio conferencing with screen sharing on any device. WebEx Meetings can be used through the user's browser or downloaded to the user's computer by following the steps provided via the meeting invite by a faculty member or a Telepresence technician.


General features in using WebEx Meetings includes:

  • Joining and presenting from any meeting, event, or training session.
  • Auto captioning is included in the recorded video.
  • Seamless joining directly from your calendar or customizable widget.
  • Schedule meetings or playback recordings directly from your app.
  • Customizable video layouts.
  • Sharing your screen to everyone.


How to Use the WebEx Meeting Commands from the Touch 10:

The dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) keys on your video device provide a convenient way to mute or unmute participants, lock or unlock the meeting, and start or stop the meeting recording.


All participants can mute or unmute themselves but the other commands are available to the host only.


Command Key Sequence
Lock or unlock the meeting *5
Mute or unmute yourself *6
Start recording *9
Stop recording #9
Mute all ##
Unmute all 99



How to Change the WebEx Layouts from the Touch 10: 

If you are using a video system to join or host a Webex meeting, there are several video layout options to choose from. The default video layout is Active Presence.

  • Single: Only the active speaker is shown in one window.
  • Active Presence: The active speaker in shown in one window, with up to 9 participants in thumbnails overlaid on the active speaker window.
  • Prominent: The active speaker is shown in one window with up to 9 participants in thumbnails below the active speaker window.
  • Grid: Up to 25 video attendees are shown in equally sized windows.
  • 1+N: The active speaker, the largest video, and a maximum of 12 video attendees are shown. The display dynamically adapts to the meeting size by showing more users as they join.

 To change your layout after joining the meeting, tap or on the keypad to toggle through the layout options.


More Information on WebEx Meetings (Login may be required)


 Cisco WebEx Teams WebEx Teams: 

Cisco WebEx Teams is a team collaboration that happens all in one place, from anywhere with messaging, file and screen sharing, video meetings, and whiteboarding.


General features in using WebEx Teams includes:

  • Chat messages where you can send important information via direct and team messages.
  • Joining and scheduling a meeting with one click on any device.
  • Whiteboard feature allows you to draw on your phone or any device, and share the interactive drawing in chat.
  • Share your screen or your files to anyone on the team messages, and screen sharing in a space is quick and simple.
  • Faculty can the chair in each meeting.  


 More Information on WebEx Teams (Login may be required)


Logo for Cisco Jabber Client Jabber Client:

Cisco Jabber Client delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence. Jabber Client is best for users with a handful of participants in one call with more person-to-person interactions, and the only way to be able to use Jabber Client is if it is downloaded to a computer help by one of the Telepresence technician.


General features in using Jabber Client includes:

  • Instant messaging and presence: Once signed in, you can immediately start messages one of the other participants in a chat box near the participants' information.
  • Business-class voice and video: Get secure and reliable communications with Cisco Jabber Client features that includes voice and video chat.
  • Conference calling are through a 4-digit number (no conference ID or links required).
  • Share your screen: You are able to share your computer screen by using Jabber Client.
  • Faculty teaching from a distance location via computer, can control the TelePresence classroom camera with Jabber Client.


Steps on How to Use Jabber Client (Login may be required)


For additional WebEx training, please go to this Cisco WebEx web page. 


For scheduling and setting up a WebEx account:

Jose Philip

Assistant Director Academic Technology

Office Phone: 904-620-5072

Cell Phone: 904-571-0482