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UNF TelePresence


UNF TelePresence rooms are classroom and conference spaces dedicated to top-tier, distraction free videoconferencing. Each room employs highly integrated multi-monitor, multi-microphone, and multi-channel audio systems, to produce stunningly clear and life-like meeting experiences.  Classroom spaces can support synchronous distance learning, in which the instructor and students interact in real time from different locations. Participants can add or edit images and video in real-time, using various writing and drawing tools. UNF is proud to offer the most immersive collaboration experience available today.

Courses that are scheduled in a DL classroom have a technician assigned to the course to provide training to the faculty member on use of equipment, support remote students connecting to the class, and ensure that any recordings are published to the course Canvas site in a timely manner (should the faculty member desire published recordings). Ad hoc requests must be received one week in advance of desired date.