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Zero Password Resets

What is Happening?

Individuals at UNF utilizing multi-factor authentication (Duo Account Security) no longer have to change their UNF ID Passwords every six months. To further improve self-service password options, UNF will also be implementing challenge response questions for when an individual needs a password reset in the coming months.

Why is this Happening?

Forced password changes are more likely to be forgotten, which means lost productivity for individuals and a strain on them and IT resources required to reset them. ITS has been working with the State Universities, the Florida Board of Governors and state auditors to adopt a zero password reset policy. The Florida Board of Governors has formally adopted this standard, clearing the way to make this change.

How does this change User Experience?

Individuals will no longer get notifications every six months asking them to reset their passwords. Passwords will only need to be changed if a user wishes to or the password is suspected of being compromised.

What is NOT happening?

Individuals do not need to change their current passwords.

What is the benefit of the change?

This change will simplify the password experience for all users.