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O: Drive Migration July 6-9 

In preparation for a new network file sharing system ITS remapped the O: Drive throughout the week of July 6-9, 2020. Users can confirm with their C-Tech that their department has been updated. If you do not see the new settings, please log off your computer and then log back in. These changes were necessary to accommodate the growing complexity of access permissions required by our faculty and staff. The new file sharing system eliminates user storage quotas by transitioning to departmental quotas. Users with multi-departmental access now have an easier time navigating between the folders.

What's New?

Once complete users will experience the following:

  • The O: Drive will be mapped to the new "Departments" folder
  • The “MyUNF” folder on the desktop will contain new shortcuts

As a result of these changes, the O drive will now navigate to the broader “Departments” folder that maps to “\\unfcsd\files\depts”. There you will see all of the departments you have access to. Selecting the subfolders there will provide access to the normal O: Drive contents.



O Drive Department Navigation



O Drive Department Folder


In addition to the new O drive mapping, there is a new folder on the desktop named “MyUNF”. This folder will have shortcuts to the new storage share.


myUNF shortcuts