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Moving files from I: Drive to OneDrive on PC

These steps will assist users with relocating files and folders saved in the UNF I: Drive storage to Microsoft OneDrive.


Step by step instructions with screenshots

(login may be required)

Process Overview

  1. Sign in to OneDrive on your computer
  2. Open OneDrive folder on your computer
  3. Access I: Drive from your computer
  4. Move files from I: Drive to OneDrive

Sign in to OneDrive if you are not already signed in

Note: These steps should be performed on your UNF-assigned computer. If you are already signed in to OneDrive, move on to the 'Open OneDrive Folder On Your Computer' section below.

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for "OneDrive" and then open it.
  2. A OneDrive Setup page will be displayed. Enter your UNF email address (work account) in the email address field.
  3. The Setup Page will open the UNF Sign-In Page.
  4. Enter your n# and password in the fields and click Login
  5. You may be prompted to accept a Duo Multifactor login on your second factor device (mobile device or token). Accept the Duo login on your second factor device to continue.
  6. You will be asked to select a OneDrive Folder. Accept the default or select a specific folder that you'd like to use with OneDrive. If you select a location that already has files in it you will be prompted about how to handle the files (keep, replace, etc). The default location is the recommended option.
  7. You may also be asked about All your files ready on Demand. This is an informational screen that shows the status of files on your device with regard to OneDrive. Click Next to continue.
  8. The sign-in and setup process will be completed. Move on to the next section.

Open OneDrive Folder on Your Computer and Create a new Directory for your I Drive Contents

  1. After signing-in - Your OneDrive folder can be accessed by locating the OneDrive icon in the task tray (near the clock) on your system. Click the OneDrive Icon to open the OneDrive Menu.
  2. Click 'Open Folder' to access the folder that your system has configured for OneDrive.
  3. Once opened it may appear like the example below. This is a folder directory that functions like other folder locations on your device. You can create new folders and your own organization structure. The structure you configure in this folder will be replicated in OneDrive in the cloud.
  4. Right-Click in the OneDrive window open in File Explorer and Select 'New Folder'. Name the new folder something like 'IDrive' or a name of your choosing. This is where you will place your IDrive contents.
  5. Open the new folder you just created.
  6. After opening your system's OneDrive Folder - leave the File Explorer window open. Continue on to the next section.

Access I: Drive from Your Computer

  1. Open a new File Explorer Window. This can be done by clicking the File Explorer Icon on the menu bar or pressing the Windows Key + E on your keyboard. Another method is to open the start menu and search for Explorer and opening the app.
  2. The New File Explorer Window will default to the quick access location on your system. Scroll down the left-hand side and select 'This PC'
  3. With 'This PC' being displayed. Scroll down to the section titled 'Network locations'.
  4. You may see a number of drives listed - select the one that is assigned the letter 'I:'. Click to open.
  5. Your I: Drive will be open in File Explorer showing its contents. Leave this File Explorer Window Open and continue on to the next section.

Move Files from I: Drive to OneDrive

  1. Arrange the I: Drive and OneDrive File Explorer Windows on your screen so that both are visible.
  2. Select the files and folders in your I: Drive that you'd like to move to OneDrive and drag them into the OneDrive file explorer Window that is open to the new directory that you created in the steps above.
  3. The drag/drop process will show a tooltip that reads 'Copy to…' this indicates that the files selected in step 1 of this section will be copied to the new directory.
  4. Release the drag/drop to begin the copy process. The files will be copied to the OneDrive directory.
  5. The time to copy will depend on a few factors including the size and number of files/folders being moved as well as network speed and throughput. Once the file copy is completed the files are in your OneDrive directory.
  6. OneDrive will begin the sync process making a copy of the files that you placed in the OneDrive folder on your system in the cloud. You can check the status of your OneDrive sync by accessing the OneDrive menu on your system.