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OCIO: office of the cio


IT Reorganization Report Update


The IT Reorganization Task Force was charged by the VP of Administration & Finance to review the current Information Technology Services (ITS) structure as well as the overall university IT composition, operations, and governance. The review process included discussion with ITS staff, decentralized technology staff, department chairs, and peer aspirant institutions. The task force surveyed faculty and ten peer institutions and engaged with the Education Advisory Board to conduct a research project on Academic Technology. The IT Reorganization Task Force findings and recommendations can be found here.


Of the recommendations presented in the report, the following tasks have been completed or are proceeding at this time:

  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been established.
  • An Assistant Director of Communications & Training was appointed to the Office of the CIO.
  • The ITS budget officer was moved under the Office of the CIO.
  • The responsibilities belonging to the Networking & User Services and IT Security departments were realigned. The network, systems, and security teams were combined to form the Networking and Security Department, which is led by Jeff Durfee. The User Services Department, is comprised of the Help Desk, support coordinators (C-Techs), and classroom technology.
  • A new department, Project Management Office (PMO), has been created. The PMO reports to the Office of the CIO. 
  • The Academic Technology Task Force that will define the role and scope of an academic technology unit. The task force will review recommendations outlined in the IT reorganization report regarding academic technologies and consult with campus stakeholders to develop an action plan for the creation and operation of the academic technology unit.
  • A review of the Help Desk staffing and services is underway.