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Academic Technology Task Force

The Academic Technology Task Force (ATTF) was charged with reviewing the recommendations from the IT Reorganization Task Force regarding Academic Technology and developing recommendations for the creation and operation of the Academic Technology unit in Information Technology Services. The ATTF findings and recommendations can be found here.


What the ATTF did

  • Reviewed the original IT Reorganization Task Force report and reports, comments, and surveys from a full range of UNF units
  • Reviewed relevant non-UNF sources of information including IT structures at peer institutions and academic exemplars
  • Held 20 + meetings of the Task Force over an eight-month period

What the ATTF found

  • IT staff and financial resources are allocated primarily to daily operations leaving little time for supporting innovation and experimentation
  • Some basic infrastructure needs not being met
  • Resources, policies, and procedures need to be transparent, documented, and communicated to faculty more effectively
  • Communication across and between technical and academic units needs to be improved

What the ATTF recommends

  • Creation of a new department within ITS with a focus on Academic Technology
  • Adoption of a cross-functional approach to address Academic Technology needs
  • Additional budget and staffing resources to support Academic Technology across the institution
  • Enhancement of communication efforts
  • Creation of an Academic Technology Advisory Council

Task Force Members:  

Kathy Hughes, Chair, Director, User Services

Deb Miller, Director, Center for Instruction & Research Technology

Dmitriy Bond, Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems

Dr. Sean Davis, Assistant Professor, CCB  

Dr. Buzz Thunen, Associate Professor, COAS  

Dr. Gordon Rakita, Associate Professor, COAS and Faculty Association President, Ex-Officio