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Online Course Evaluation (ISQ) Process - Student Information

The University of North Florida evaluates all courses (with the exception of courses involving individual instruction such as independent studies (DIS), internships, and practica as well as courses with enrollments of less than 8- see Collective Bargaining Agreement) using a standard instrument "Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire" (ISQ). This ISQ evaluation instrument allows students to confidentially rate their UNF learning experience. Two days after the deadline for faculty grade submission, the ratings and feedback from course evaluations become available to UNF faculty and administrators. The information students supply in these evaluations is extremely important.

  • Faculty use information from course evaluations to improve their courses and teaching methods, and to determine whether course content is meeting the needs of their students.
  • Department chairs review course evaluation data to assess both their faculty, and the value of courses offered in their department.
  • University committees include course evaluation data as part of faculty reviews, to determine promotion and tenure.
  • Other students use the course evaluation ratings available to them, to choose courses to add to their schedule.


Access the Questions on the Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire 


How do you participate in the student evaluation process?

During the final two weeks of the semester (before finals week), you will be invited to participate in a course evaluation (ISQs) for every course you are enrolled in that term (excluding DIS, internships, courses with enrollments of less than 8 and practica).  When the ISQ process is initiated, you will begin to receive notices that the system is open and you are able to evaluate your courses.  You can find the schedule to complete the ISQs by visiting the ISQ Production Schedule. Below are examples of what you can expect to see in different communication systems. Once the two week period has concluded, you will no longer be able to access the ISQs. 




You  can access your course evaluations directly from myWings. You will also see a pop-up reminder, similar to the password expiration pop-up in myWings, when you log in during the evaluation period.


You will receive automated emails from the system notifying you of the availability of your course evaluations no more than two times during the first two weeks and no more than three times during the last week until the evaluation has been completed.  

Can I see the results of my instructors ISQs?

There are 8 "common core" ISQ questions that are available to students.  Results to ISQ questions S01-S08 can be accessed in myWings Student Tab under the channel "Registration Tools and Resources".


In addition, students can find the results to ISQ question S08 "Overall Rating for Instructor" in the public view section of the Course Schedule.   



For help with online course evaluations, please contact the Help Desk at 620-HELP(4357) or e-mail