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Online Course Evaluation (ISQ) - Revised Instrument

The University of North Florida evaluates all courses (with the exception of courses involving individual instruction such as independent studies (DIS), internships, and practica as well as courses with enrollments of less than 8- see Collective Bargaining Agreement) using a standard instrument "Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire" (ISQ). This ISQ evaluation instrument allows students to confidentially rate their UNF learning experience. Two days after the deadline for faculty grade submission, the ratings and feedback from course evaluations become available to UNF faculty and administrators. The information students supply in these evaluations is extremely important.

  • Faculty use information from course evaluations to improve their courses and teaching methods, and to determine whether course content is meeting the needs of their students.
  • Department chairs review course evaluation data to assess both their faculty, and the value of courses offered in their department.
  • University committees include course evaluation data as part of faculty reviews, to determine promotion and tenure.
  • Other students use the course evaluation ratings available to them, to choose courses to add to their schedule.

Beginning Fall 2015, the ISQ instrument has been revised (see Faculty Association approved item FA 15-19):

  1. My instructor communicated ideas and information effectively
  2. My instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter
  3. My instructor was able to explain complex concepts and ideas clearly
  4. My instructor was well-organized and provided a framework conducive to learning
  5. My instructor taught the course in a way that stimulated critical and creative thinking
  6. My instructor assisted students outside of class
  7. My instructor set high standards that challenged me in the course
  8. My instructor showed respect for students
  9. My instructor provided useful feedbak on assignments/tests
  10. My overall rating of instructor

Discursive Items
  1. What did you like best about the course and/or how the instructor taught it?
  2. What suggestions do you have for improving the course and/or how the instructor taught it?

The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) reviewed the current items on the Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire (ISQ). The Provost asked that the FAC review, revise, and make recommendations for changes to the ISQ. The goal is to reduce the number of items and revise ambiguous items.

The committee reviewed the previous items as well as suggested items by the committee. The committee retained 10 rating items (from 23) and 2 discursive items. Some of the items were revised from the previous version of the ISQ. Below is the final list of items recommended for the ISQ.


Questions on the Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire PRIOR to Fall 2015


Communicates effectively with students


Enthusiasm for course material and teaching


Mastery of the course content


Relates course material to current examples


Clearly explains complex concepts and ideas


Lectures organized and provide framework for learning


Course syllabus accurately described the course


Course instructional materials used effectively


Involves students in class activities


Uses class time well


Fosters environment conducive to critical thinking


Treats all students in a consistent manner


Exams reflect the material covered


Willingly assists students outside of class


I found this class to be challenging


Description of course objectives and assignments


Communication of ideas and information


Expression of expectations for this class


Availability to assist students in or out of class


Respect and concern for students


Stimulation of interest in course


Facilitation of learning


Overall rating of instructor