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Interactive Queries

On this page, you will be able to access various types of data such as student headcounts, student full-time equivalencies (FTEs), degrees awarded, and graduation rates.      


You will also be able to expand or narrow down your queries by specifying the College, Department, Major, and Minor through a few simple clicks in our dropdown menu.


Additionally, it allows you to access historical data in the most recent five years.  


We hope you find this page useful.

  1. Fall Headcounts by College / Department / Major / Track / Level
  2. Fall Headcounts by College / Department / Minor
  3. Student Credit Hour Production by College / Department / Course Level / Subject
  4. Degrees Awarded by College / Department / Major / Track / Degree Level
  5. Four-Year Graduation Rates by College / Declared Major
  6. Fall Headcounts by College / Major / Track / Gender 
  7. Fall Headcounts by College / Major / Track / Ethnicity
  8. Graduate School Program Dashboard 
  9. Employee Headcounts by Division/College, Department, Full-time Status, and Pay Plan
  10. Faculty Headcounts by College, Department, Rank, Tenure, and Appointment Status