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Data Governance Organization

Data Management Council

Brian Verkamp, Co-Chair, Information Technology Services

Jay Coleman, Co-Chair, Strategic Analytics

Scott Bennett, Administration and Finance

John Kantner, Office of the Provost, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs & the Graduate School

Terrence Curran, Enrollment Services

Rick Buck, Privacy Office


The Data Management Council provides key leadership to the institutional data governance initiative by providing oversight and strategic decision making on the following areas: data policies and standards, data security and privacy, data access, data quality and consistency, data retention, archiving and disposition, and adherence to federal and state compliance laws.


Data Stewards and Data Domains

Chad Learch, Student

Carrie Guth, Human Resources

Anissa Agne, Financial Aid

Valerie Stevenson, Finance

Olga Igolnikov, University Development and Alumni Engagement

Role of Data Stewards:

Primarily Responsible for managing definitions of data and data elements in their specialized business area, in conjunction with their colleagues, other data stewards, and functional subject experts across campus. They identify data quality and usage issues and join Data Governance project teams to resolve specific problems. They approve the use of area data in data deliverables (reports, dashboards, integrations, etc.) for internal and external use. 


Data Management Working Group

Abby Willcox, Co-Chair, Institutional Research

Jason Jones, Co-Chair, Information Technology Services, Business Intelligence

Kim Downs, Information Technology Services, Project Management Office

Gunner Lake, Information Technology Services, Information Technology Security

Rick Buck, Privacy Office

Tony Turrin, Information Technology Services, Project Management Office 


The Data Management Working Group provides oversight to the data governance initiative to document new and existing data integrations in the Data Cookbook.