Third Party Study Abroad Programs

In addition to Exchange Programs and Faculty-Led study abroad courses, UNF has affiliations with a growing number of third party programs that provide you the opportunity to study at a variety of universities abroad. Representatives from many of these organizations participate in the UNF Study Abroad Fairs held at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters


Use the following links to explore third party study abroad opportunities.



  1. Florida State University System

Check these sites out first, especially if you are a Florida resident and/or you are receiving Florida financial aid. Although there is some paperwork involved, enrolling as a transient student in another Florida university's exchange program is much simpler than applying as if you were a degree-seeking student. Transient student enrollment for an exchange is contingent upon various factors (available space, etc.) so please contact the UNF International Center first if you are interested in this option.



 Florida Atlantic University  


  Florida Gulf Coast University  


  Florida International University


  Florida State University


 University of Central Florida  


  University of Florida  


  University of South Florida  


  University of West Florida   



  2. Affiliate Organizations

These are study abroad organizations that UNF has partnered with to provide access to additional benefits and opportunities for UNF applicants.


 AIFS logo 2

  The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) 



 GlobaLinks Learning Abroad in partnership with ISA



 3. Study Abroad Search Sites

If you haven't found an exchange or faculty-led program you like, these sites have large databases that can let you search for a program by country, field of study, term length, etc.


  IIE Passport  

  Transitions Abroad  

  National Registration Center for Study Abroad  



  4. Other Study Abroad Organizations

These organizations help students enroll directly at international universities or have their own study centers around the world.


 Academic Programs International (API)

 Academic Studies Abroad (ASA)

 Athena Study Abroad

 CAPA International Education 

 CEA Global Education  

 Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)  

 CIS Abroad  

 IES Abroad

  The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership (IPSL)  

  International Studies Abroad (ISA)  

  Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)  

 Semester at Sea 

 The School for Field Studies

  University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)  


 UNF Students on a non-UNF or Third Party Provider Study Abroad Program:


 Third-party providers are independent organizations that facilitate or administer study-abroad programs. They often act as intermediaries by assisting students with logistics like course registration, housing arrangements and other support services.


 If you are participating in a study abroad program offered by a third party provider and you are planning to use your financial aid, please keep in mind the following important information:


 You must schedule an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor in the International Center to discuss your study abroad plans.

 Depending on your study abroad program, your financial aid may or may not travel with you.

 If you are receiving an institutional scholarship (UNF scholarship) and you plan to participate in a semester or academic year program through another institution or third party provider, you may lose your institutional scholarship eligibility.

 If you are currently receiving Florida Pre-paid or Bright Futures and you plan to attend a study abroad program offered by another state of Florida institution, that institution will determine your eligibility to receive these funds.

 If you have applied to participate in a study abroad program through a US educational institution outside of the state of Florida, your state aid will not apply, but you may be able to utilize federal grants and/or student loans.

 If you are planning to enroll directly at an institution abroad for your study abroad experience, it is unlikely that any of your financial aid will apply.

 If a program provider or host institution requires the UNF Financial Aid Office to fill out a Consortium / Contractual Agreement or other financial forms, please submit these documents directly to a Study Abroad Advisor at the International Center.  We will facilitate this process with Financial Aid.  

 For students attending a Florida public institution, you will need to complete an electronic application through  FloridaShines .  If you are a UNF student seeking to temporarily enroll in another institution,  download instructions  for assistance. Please note that not all Florida public schools participate in the FloridaShines program, so please check the list of schools carefully. If you are not prompted to answer financial aid questions on the FloridaShines electronic application, you will have to complete the  UNF Financial Aid Consortium Agreement .



 Please contact the International Center for more information.