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Study Abroad - SAILS & Other Scholarships

Successful SAILS Application Tips

  1. For a program to be eligible for SAILS, the program must meet one of the following criteria: be a credit bearing activity, be part of a degree requirement, or be credit or course related. All application materials should include evidence of one of these three elements.
  2. The SAILS Scholarship is very competitive. Remember you are competing with other students and want to have an application that stands out.
  3. Follow the directions! For example, stick to the 1 page limit for the essay question and use the Times New Roman, 12 point font. Remember to double space as well.
  4. Spend time completing your application, take it seriously and don't rush.
  5. For the essay, make sure you provide a detailed explanation of how the international program will impact you personally, professionally, and academically.
  6. You will need a thoughtfully written letter of recommendation from a reference explaining the potential significance of the international activity of the applicant. Limit one letter of recommendation per SAILS applicant. Choose a current professional reference (UNF staff or professor), and explain to them what is required for this letter. There's a prompt for the recommender. Remember the letter must be signed and on letter head.
  7. Let a friend read your essays to assist with editing.
  8. You must turn in all the application materials (application, essay, and recommendation) at the same time. Remember: just because you apply does not mean you will receive SAILS.
  9. You must have an active file with the UNF International Center (i.e., have discussed international plans with an International Center Study Abroad Advisor). If you are participating in a Faculty-Led trip then your professor will notify the international center of your involvement when they submit the roster for the course. This submission will generate a file for you. If you are going on a third party or exchange, then you will need to meet with a Study Aboard Advisor, as mentioned above.

*Note the following if you will be participating in a TLO-funded course: Faculty-Leaders of TLO courses are required to provide the International Center with a list of (A) those students who will be receiving TLO funds and (B) those students who will not be receiving TLO funds. The names of applicants for SAILS scholarships that are in TLO courses are checked against these lists. Any SAILS application from someone who is on the list of students receiving TLO funds will be removed from the SAILS applications process. A SAILS applicant in a TLO course must be on the list of students not receiving TLO funds. So, if you are in a TLO-funded course, and you wish to apply for SAILS, check with your professor where you are on that list. If the professor does not turn in such a list, that then signifies that all students in that course will be receiving TLO funds and thus none will be eligible for SAILS.


IMPORTANT: SAILS is a competitive scholarship program; not all students who apply for the SAILS will receive an award.