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Study Abroad - Faculty-led

Health Information

  1. Preparing for a Healthy Experience Abroad
    1. General information on health and traveling abroad is available through:

      UNF Travel Clinic

      Student Health Services

      Building 39A / Room 2100

      (904) 620-2175

    2. I understand that a medical examination, though recommended, is not required by UNF for participation in a study abroad program.
    3. I further understand that UNF does not discriminate against individuals who have physical disabilities or have had physical, medical, emotional, or mental disorders.
    4. I understand, however, that if I have a history of any medical, psychiatric or psychological issues or concerns during the past two (2) years, I am strongly encouraged to consult with a medical professional, psychologist or counselor prior to departure to discuss the potential impacts of international travel in general, as well as to the specific program location, the program's specific activities, and to obtain recommendations for any treatments, diets, or prescriptions while abroad.
    5. I understand that I am encouraged to discuss any medical concerns in a timely manner, and prior to committing to the program, with the appropriate UNF representative so that proper, professional and adequate advice, assistance and/or accommodations as available may be arranged.
    6. I agree to obtain any/all immunizations and to observe other health precautions as recommended by my personal physician or the UNF Travel Clinic, and/or as required for travel to the country(ies) associated with my study abroad program, and I understand that immunizations may need to be completed weeks before my planned departure date.
    7. I understand that there may be added costs associated with seeking professional advice and/or treatment and that I bear the full responsibility for those costs.
  2. Health Care While Abroad
    1. I understand that UNF does not employ health care professionals overseas and cannot guarantee my access to medical services and facilities abroad.
    2. I understand that appropriate treatments - either physical or psychological - may not be as readily available abroad as in the United States.
  3. International Health Insurance

    Insurance for faculty-led study abroad programs will be arranged through the UNF International Center.


    1. I understand that UNF policy requires all study abroad students to have accident/health insurance and emergency medical assistance (including medical evacuation and repatriation of remains) applicable abroad for the UNF program dates and directly related travel time.
    2. I understand that the UNF International Center strongly recommends that I maintain emergency assistance and accident/health insurance for any personal travel abroad either before or after the UNF program dates, and that it is my responsibility to obtain coverage if desired for that personal travel time.
    3. I understand that, though covered by an appropriate international insurance policy, I may be required to pay for overseas medical services in advance of any needed treatment, and that the UNF International Center can assist with filing a claim for reimbursement from the insurance company upon my return.
    4. I understand that insurance coverage exceeding the University's arrangements may be obtained individually.
    5. I understand that the UNF International Center strongly discourages students from operating motor vehicles (cars, scooters, boats, etc.) while abroad and urges them to refrain from participating in certain activities identified by insurance companies as hazardous or life-threatening, including but not limited to professional sports, scuba diving, hang gliding, parachuting, or bungee jumping. Such activities often invalidate any existing life, medical or liability insurance normally carried by students, parents, or institutions.