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Study Abroad - UNF Exchanges


Requirements to Participate in an Individual Study Abroad Program

In order to take part in a UNF Study Abroad Program, participating students must complete certain activities within the time prescribed by different University offices.

  • I agree to complete and submit all required components of the Individual Study Abroad Application in myWings by the date requested.
  • I agree to obtain all appropriate travel documents (e.g. passport, visa as required) and upload a clear copy of my passport to the Individual Study Abroad Application online.
  • I agree to watch the UNF Safety Abroad video in its entirety.
  • I agree to provide proof of international emergency assistance and accident/health insurance, at a minimum, for the specific duration of the activity and directly related travel time.
  • I agree to attend any orientations required by my Study Abroad Advisor.
  • I agree to pay all required non-tuition program costs according to the established payment schedule.
  • I agree to register for any required course(s) associated with the program and pay UNF tuition and fees by required deadlines.

I understand that if I do not accomplish all of the above study abroad requirements, the Study Abroad Advisor will cancel my participation in the program.


I further understand that the University will review my UNF Student Conduct history and that if such review results in a determination that my participation in the proposed study abroad activity places either me or others at risk, I may be excluded from participation in the proposed activity.

Waiver and Release Agreement

The waiver and Release Agreement for Individual Study Abroad Programs includes activities abroad for research, conferences, UNF exchange programs, third party programs for academic credit, and UNF student clubs.


This Waiver needs to be printed, completed and signed, and uploaded to the student's Individual Study Abroad Application in MyWings. If the student is under 18 years of age, the Waiver must be signed by the student's parent or guardian.


Waiver and Release Agreement for Individual Study Abroad Program