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Study Abroad - UNF Exchanges - Programs & Compliance Requirements

New Zealand

Travel Advisories

UNF is committed to our students' health and safety abroad while minimizing international security risks. For this reason, all our study abroad locations are assessed for risk according to the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory Levels. Please view the travel advisory for New Zealand as you prepare for your program abroad.

Student Visas

Depending on where your study abroad takes place, your citizenship, and length of your stay, you may need a visa before your departure. Make sure to review New Zealand's Entry & Exit Requirements within the Country Specific Information.


Also consider any additional travel you may want to do beyond your study abroad program. Do NOT book or make plans for a scheduled departure date before discussing your additional travel plans with your Study Abroad Advisor. Extending your stay prior to or after your study abroad program may have visa implications.


Obtaining a visa requires many steps and is a time sensitive process. Every country's visa process and regulations are different. Always start your planning early as some require in-person appointments to consulates in Miami, FL or Washington, D.C., some are available online or through the mail, and others are multi-step processes that could take months to process.


The best resource is to consult either the embassy or consulate's website to find out their requirements. Please contact the International Center for guidance in obtaining documents for your student visa application.


It is ultimately the students' responsibility to receive and obtain all necessary documents for their visa application.

International Health Insurance

UNF policy requires all students studying abroad to have international accident/health insurance and emergency medical assistance for the UNF program dates and directly related travel time. The International Center also strongly recommends that students maintain emergency assistance and accident/health insurance for any personal travel either before or after the UNF program dates.


The University maintains a current contract for international health insurance services with GeoBlue. Please contact the International Center for instructions to enroll yourself in the university's GeoBlue insurance policy. After enrollment, you can download the GeoBlue app to display your electronic ID card, locate healthcare providers in your location, download proof of insurance letter, and access global health and safety tools.


If you have an insurance policy that includes international coverage, or if you are interested in purchasing an international insurance policy with a provider other than GeoBlue, please contact the UNF International Center for more information on minimum coverage requirements before purchasing alternate insurance.


Health and Safety Requirements Time Frame for Completion
Apply for a passport 4-6 months before program
Enroll in Canvas course: International Center-Study Abroad <90 days before departure date
Apply for a student visa <90 days before program start date
Purchase international accident/health insurance 2-4 weeks before departure

Do you have an emergency abroad?

If you need medical assistance while in New Zealand please call your country's "911" equivalent. The Department of State Travel created a list of emergency numbers organized by country. If you need to reach UNF staff while abroad, please call the University Police Department +1 904-620-2367. If you are overseas and need emergency assistance, contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Application Information

Please visit Global Engagement to learn more about applying to an exchange partner, courses you can take, accommodations, and costs.