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Kate McMillan

Coordinator and Peace Corps Prep Advisor

Division of Academic Affairs

Student Union East, Room 2309

Telephone: (904) 620-5272



Payton Cantrell 

Study Abroad Advisor

UNF International Center

Student Union East, Room 2300

Telephone: (904) 620-3985



Ruth Y. Lopez 

Assistant Vice President International & Diversity

Division of Academic Affairs

Student Union East, Room 2320

Telephone: (904) 620-1097 



For more information on the Peace Corps, go to  Peace Corps website and watch watch "Be a Volunteer - Peace Corps" video. 

Student Testimonial

 "I was a volunteer in the first Youth Development program in Peace Corps Cameroon’s history. My work mainly focused on developing the program from the ground up, and promoting girls' and women's empowerment in my community. I value the unique opportunity I had to build the "YD" program, but also to work with so many dynamic and motivated community members, and give them the tools they needed to empower youth in their communities.” - Shanna Beech (BA, Political Science, 2011)


 Shanna with school girls during an elementary school girls camp Group activity during an elementary school girls camp on life skills 


 Shanna posing in front of building with several students Working with a local university Red Cross student organization during their student led "training-of-trainers"