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The Overseas Security Advisory Council of the U.S. Department of State

OSAC Daily News is timely and up-to-date information on foreign events. OSAC's analytical staff posts news items reported in global on-line sources each morning and updates items throughout each business day.


Information for UNF Faculty/Staff Taking Students Abroad

Any activity abroad involving one or more UNF student(s) must be reviewed through the Academic chain (Department, College, Academic Affairs) and then by the Activity Abroad Risk Review Committee (AARRC) for health/safety and risk management concerns.  If recommended by both groups, then an activity is approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and by the Vice President for Student and International Affairs. Examples of activities abroad involving students include, but are not limited to: faculty-led study abroad programs, conferences, research activities, performances, and scouting visits for future international activities.


The Request/Approval process is now online. Faculty can access the University Activity Abroad Approval Request form in MyWings under the STAFF tab, at the Employee Online Forms link. Then it is under the International Center section. Once the faculty have completed the form and submitted it, Chairs will get an e-mail message that a Request is ready for their review and approval. Once the Chair approves the request, it then goes on to the Dean. And so on.


There is also a link to documentation (aka a “Users Manual”) right at the beginning of the form when you open it online.  It is now accessible in MyWings and Requests for the 2017-2018 academic year should use this online process.


Any questions regarding how to complete the form should be directed to the International Center. 


NOTE:  All faculty-leaders of a student activity abroad are deemed to be Camus Security Authorities (CSA) under the Jeanne Clery Act.  A class has been created in Canvas to provide UNF employees an opportunity to complete the training from their desks.  To access the class, click on this link to enroll for the class:


Clery Course


Once you are enrolled, you can enter the class and complete the necessary assignments, of which there are two. First, once you are in the class, click on the Assignments link on the left side of the page, then click on the “CSA Clery Video Training” link to access the video.  Please watch the video in its entirety (takes about 15 minutes). Once you have watched the video, click on the Quizzes link on the left side of the page, then click on the “CSA Material Review” to complete the quiz.  Once you have completed and passed the quiz, you will have completed the course.   


NOTE:  Please let the International Center know if/when an incident occurs on your study abroad trip as soon as it happens. 


The International Center uses the information in each report for several purposes: to provide information on the University's Clery Act report each year, to help prepare future student orientations, and to include in our Annual Study Abroad Report of the incidents that occurred on our courses/activities.


 Study Abroad Clery Act & Incident Report Form  

NOTE:  If you are planning on renting an automobile abroad while on University business, please read the following:

 Booking Rental Cars Abroad  


Rental Car Insurance Provided by University P-Card 


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The International Faculty Grants Program will not be offered for Academic Year 2017-2018.  Please check this site for updates at the end of the year.


   Past Awardees


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 International Task Force, Report to President


 Faculty Manual for Study Abroad Courses 

Travel Information

These sites provide country specific health and safety information. 


U.S. Department of State - U.S. Passports & International Travel


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Traveler's Health