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International Students - Student Involvement

International Ospreys


The International Ospreys Club purpose is to increase diversity through programs and events that showcase a culturally enriched environment and traditions of International Students and keeping all channels of communication open in order to promote a global learning environment on UNF campus. IO is a recognized group of international students who act as representatives of their respective cultures and globally minded domestic students who want to be more involved with the international student population.


Both, international and domestic students are welcomed to join the International Ospreys or participate in any of the club's activities. Full membership shall be limited to registered students of the University of North Florida.


Each year the cabinet will organize at least 3 general body meetings and will participate in the organization of the Annual International Dinner Dance together with the International Center. Additionally, the International Ospreys Club will carry on different activities to promote internationalization of the UNF community.


To learn more about the International Ospreys Club's activities and how to get involved follow their Facebook page or contact them via email.