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Adventina Kiyeyeu

Country: Tanzania

Class standing: Master/Graduate

Major: Communication Management

College: College of Arts & Sciences

Why UNF?

I chose UNF because of the quality of education it provides. UNF has top-notch professors in the field of communication. With department activities such as media week, clubs and mentor-ship programs, I am able to interact with professionals in the field of communication to learn the needs of the profession in the real world. UNF is also known for its small classes and the faculty student ratio of 18:1, this provides a hands-on learning experience, allowing for one on one interaction with the instructors, making it easy to succeed in my studies.

What is your favorite thing to do in Jacksonville?

I enjoy going for walks at the beach early morning on Saturdays.



Whatsapp: 904 258 2761

Instagram: @geminichild13