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International Student Admission

The University of North Florida is required by U.S. federal regulations to verify the financial resources of each applicant prior to issuing a SEVIS I-20. Please complete the Affidavit of Financial Support and Bank Certification and submit it along with any other relevant verification of support (bank letters, awards, scholarships, etc.). You must show proof of financial support for the first year of study at the University of North Florida and demonstrate availability of funds for the entire length of your academic program.


Estimated International Student Costs for One Academic Year (two semesters)

These figures are subject to change without notice. Costs are adjusted yearly.

Type Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition and Fees* $ 16,630 $18,803
Room and Board $9,330 $ 9,330
Books & Supplies $ 895 $ 900
Miscellaneous Expenses
(health insurance***, transportation, etc.)
$ 5,900 $ 5,900
(per one nine-month academic year / Fall & Spring Semesters)
$ 32,755 $34,933


*Undergraduate tuition and fees are based on estimates for 12 hours per semester (undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 12 hours each semester). Graduate tuition and fees are based on estimates of 9 hours per semester.


**Room and Board is based on an average of on-campus housing options and the most popular on-campus meal plan. Some housing choices will be higher and some will be lower. Actual costs will vary depending on choice of room and meal plan. Off-campus costs will depend on choice of accommodations and utilities.


***All F-1 international students are required to carry health insurance.


****Add $3,500 to the above totals for each dependent.


NOTE: The above figures are estimates only, not actual costs. Because tuition, housing, and food costs tend to increase every year, it is recommended that you budget for an additional 5% to 10% over the estimated costs above. If you plan to enroll for the summer term along with the fall and spring terms, you should budget for at least an additional $8,000 to $13,000 depending upon the number of credits you register for and your academic level.