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International Students - Admissions

Degree-seeking student admission requirements

At the University of North Florida, we warmly welcome students from all over the world and encourage cultural exchange and diversity. Select a category below to find out which admission requirements you will need in order to be admitted to UNF.


These admissions guidelines are intended for applicants seeking an F-1 or J-1 visa. Applicants of other visa types and immigration statuses should refer to the UNF Admissions website for more information.


Note: When searching for programs, please keep in mind that per federal regulations, in order to issue the I-20 document to apply for the F-1 visa, international students must be fully admitted to a full-time, on-campus, in-person, degree-seeking program at the University of North Florida. We are not permitted to issue immigration documents for online, part-time, or certificate* programs (*Music Certificate is the only exception).

Programs at UNF

Admission Requirements


Foreign and Transfer Credit

Cost of Attendance and Scholarships