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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Reflection Room


Two spaces now available!

Created in response to the diverse religious, spiritual and meditative needs of our students, faculty and staff, the Reflection Room and Interfaith Space offer spaces on campus to refresh, reconnect and restore during the day. The Reflection Room offers a growing assortment of prayer and reflection items, including a Native American prayer shawl, Zafu meditation cushions, Muslim prayer rugs, prayer beads, sacred texts, yoga mats and flameless candles. A privacy sign on the door helps to ensure your time will not be disrupted, and a wash station is available to anyone needing to wash before prayer or meditation. Guests are invited to utilize the comment clipboard to provide feedback about their experience and ways to expand the room’s resources to better serve the campus community. The Interfaith Space in Student Union is a larger space which can better accommodate groups praying or meditating together.