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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Interfaith Week


Interfaith Week is a week-long event planned by (and for) students to address current religious diversity issues. The purpose of Interfaith Week is to raise awareness about the diversity of ideological and religious frameworks in America and to provide opportunities for UNF students to engage in respectful dialogue with students from different backgrounds. 

Check back here for info on Interfaith Week 2023!

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Past Interfaith Week

  • 2022

    Kosher and Halal for All Interfaith Week Kickoff
    Interfaith Week kicks off with Kosher and Halal lunch options and information about all the places we’ll go this week.

    Chew On This: Queer Faith Text Study
    Interfaith Week gets started at the LGBTQ Center with a study of how different religious texts are used to support and inspire LBGTQ people.

    Diwali is one of India’s biggest and most important holidays of the year. This festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Join UNF ASIA, the Interfaith Center, and OSAA to celebrate this holiday with food, dances, and activities.

    Coffee & Conversation: Faith, Doubt, and Deconstruction
    Is it ok to have doubts about faith? What happens when we deconstruct what we use to believe and build something new? Join the Interfaith Center on the Clubhouse Green for refreshing beverages and conversation.

    Spirituality Showcase
    Go to the Green to learn from UNF Interfaith Center student leaders and campus ministries about how they practice spirituality.

    Navigation Meditation
    Go to the UNF Trails to end the week with soothing meditations.