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Interfaith Center Programs & Services

Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation is a tradition at the Interfaith Center. Students are invited to this hour-long event with FREE coffee and lively conversation. Participants explore the big questions of life: Who am I? What are my values? What gives my life a sense of meaning, fulfillment and purpose? These are questions of faith -- the human activity (whether religious or non-religious) of making meaning in our lives. Interfaith dialogue and cooperation are activities of making meaning alongside others- from different worldviews - both religious and non-religious. Students, professors and community members take turns facilitating an informal discussion in a Safe Space. Come hear from people with different perspectives on polarizing issues and how they are able to bridge their difference to work together.

Chew on This

Share a meal with local community leaders while exploring the meaning of interfaith cooperation from various belief systems using interpretations from sacred or philosophical texts.


I-Dinners are open to ALL UNF students and includes a FREE family-style dinner and community building game like Trivia, Jeopardy!, Bingo or Pumpkin Decorating. This event is designed to help students meet from different countries, cultures, and worldviews (religious/non-religious). Come for the free food, stay for the games - leave with new friends.


Holi is a Hindu spring festival of color and love. The UNF Holi celebration is an opportunity for UNF students to learn about a different culture and religion, but it is also an opportunity for students of multicultural and interfaith backgrounds to come together for a fun an interactive event. The event consists of throwing “color” (dyed cornstarch – similar to the now popular “color runs”), Indian food, and music. 

Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week is a week-long event planned by (and for) students to address current religious diversity issues. Visit the Interfaith Week page for more information. 

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