UNITY 2015 (2)

Opening reception: May 21, 2015 from 5 to 7 p.m.




 Jack Allen grew up in Winter Park, Florida and has resided in Jacksonville, Florida for over twenty-five years. Enamored with abstract art, Allen began painting about fifteen years ago when he experimented with his teenage daughter's art supplies on a Saturday morning at home. This was the start – the genesis of a new form of personal expression.


 Self-taught for the most part, his creative evolution has included devouring images of abstract works by favorite artists including: Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Paul Riopelle and, most recently, the magical and mystical works of Wassily Kandinsky.


 Allen works in his third-floor home studio and garage and in a barn at his cattle farm in north central Florida. Also on his farm is a perfectly shaped tree stump that serves as a botanical easel. Allen often sets his blank canvases on the stump, up against a large water oak tree, fastening it to the tree with bailing twine.


 Jack is in the commercial real estate development business and is an active volunteer for local educational institutions.



A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T


 For me, making abstract paintings on large canvasses is like engaging in a meaningful conversation with a good friend. Art making is a soothing activity that I treasure, akin to vacation in the mountains. My works are the product of mysteries and puzzles that are continuously flying around in my mind.


 I hope my paintings have a subcutaneous effect on their viewers. I want them to feel the energy of the diverse colors and movements, unbridled, uninhabited, yet UNIFIED in their final form.


U N I T Y: O N E N E S S  O F  M I N D  A N D  P U R P O S E


In my work, I aim to express my desires for a unified and peaceful people. My paintings are typically composed of separate colors that have been integrated with textural bridges of paint. The colors could, in theory, all perfectly exist on their own, but, merged together, they can’t help but create an appealing composition. The painting struggles to exist in this state until all of it has been painted, scraped, blended, and worked. It is my belief that the same could one day be true of our world.


For the UNITY SERIES, I specifically explore the oneness of mind and purpose. I think about what we know about the world, and what we are to accomplish in this world. What is our purpose?

For me, the answer is: to put UNITY back into hUmaNITY. I truly believe the purpose of our species is to come together to and collectively provide compassion, kindness and understanding to one another. For the past two years, I have translated my emotions on this subject matter to the canvas – In an abstract form, left open to interpretation. My intention has been to illustrate many branching ideas from the main idea of UNITY.


As I render my thoughts into a visual form, the process of painting becomes my therapy. Painting this series has allowed me to communicate my experiences and hopes for humanity.

at the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, Building 58 E, 2nd Floor, Room 2401.



Exhibition Dates: May 13, 2015 - July 31, 2015



Gallery Information: Monday - Thursday:  9am - 5pm, Fridays: 9am - 3pm